Hell bent on squashing the frumpy and bland stereotype of British Food in Canada





Where to find us?

Ello Gov'na operates at festivals, supper markets and fair's across the Niagara Region.

If you have an event you'd like Ello Gov'na to attend, give us a shout!

Ello Charlie!

Born and raised in England, Charlie spent hours in her grandmother’s kitchen watching her bake pies, grind meat and roast lamb. After years of cooking for friends and family and traveling across the world for work, Charlie began researching and experiencing the world through culture and taste, focusing on farm to table values and hands-on learning. Returning to Canada full of passion and knowledge, Charlie's on a mission to open a smashing good, all round scrumptious British inspired business.


Steve Wharton

The token Canadian! The bearded beaut that dons a bowler hat and is often seen taking photos of our events or manning the front window taking orders. Steve is actually a Commercial Photographer but in his spare time works for Ello Gov'na. With Charlie as his fiance, Steve insists that he isn't forced to work for EG but is often seen trying to break free of his ankle chain attached to the truck. 

Phil Clowes

The quirky Silversmith Brewery Quiz Master! Phil is often heard quoting fantastic and zany facts or seen adding the finishing touches to the Chicken Tikka . Phil is a Systems Administrator for IBM Canada as well as Charlie's Dad and joins the Ello Gov'na team at most events.  Phil also insists that Charlie isn't forcing him to work for EG though checks quickly to see if Charlie's listening as he says so.

Cathy Black

Ahh Cathy. This odd ball is a Yorkshire Pudding making machine. Rarely seen but a crucial part of the Ello Gov'na team, Cathy works prep with Charlie behind the scenes. Though Charlie swears she fires her regularly..Cathy keeps coming back and continues to be the best Yorkshire Pudding maker in Niagara

Samantha Clowes & Kaitlin Wharton

These beauties are the sibling duo! The extended support that pops up here and there at Ello Gov'na events. Always a laugh, they serve up our smashing good nosh with a side of sass. Cheeky and cute, these two are the bees knees.

Nanny Clowes

The reason Charlie fell in love with cooking! If it wasn't for Charlie's Nan, Mrs. Clowes, Ello Gov'na might never have happened. Stories of Nan's life range from her time working on the Airplanes at Follands Aircraft Factory in Southampton UK, to becoming a Silver Service Waitress at the swankiest of hotels. Putting proper home cooked meals on the table came naturally, and always with a smile. Just look at those plates! Can you not smell how good that dinner must have tasted?!